Storing & Cleaning VuSafe Panels


Store VuSafe panels securely, in a dry area, free of dust and chemicals and out of direct sunlight. Panel attachment hardware should be stored with the panels along with any instructions, which may aide in the deployment of the system under emergency conditions.


VuSafe Panels are made of polycarbonate. We recommend cleaning both sides of the panel after each use and allow to air dry before storing away.

Follow these simple guidelines:

Rinse with clean warm water and wipe with a soft cloth if needed. If needed, you may use household cleaning agents such as Windex w/ammonia D, Formula 409, Palmolive or Isopropyl Alcohol. Rinse with warm water immediately and allow to air dry.

Do not apply cleaning agents in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Do not use abrasives, scrapers, razors or squeegees.

Do not clean with gasoline.



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